MY-APP-STAT, Inc. is a provider enrollment company offering the following services in all 50 states.

  • Medicare, Medicaid and Medi-Cal enrollment and revalidation for all Medical professionals.
  • Enrollment with all commercial and government payors.
  • Medical licensing

We utilize a secure, state of the art, cloud-based technology to ensure all data is secure, remains confidential, allows for easy retrieval of in the event of a disaster and retains HIPAA compliancy.

Our proprietary database tracks all data required for enrollments (such as Licensing, certificates, education, CME’s, insurance, etc.)

We offer a variety of reporting to all clients.  And we make every attempt to provide a paperless environment for our clients.

Rick Knutzen is the president of MY-APP-STAT, Inc. and provides the management of our provider enrollment services.  He brings over 15 years of contract experience in various fields such as Healthcare/Provider Enrollment, Commercial & Retail Real Estate, Software development and finance. He has an in depth working knowledge of health plans, IPA’s, medical groups, hospitals and individual physicians. MY-APP-STAT, Inc. employs three full time coordinators and has a pool of per-diem coordinators if/when needed. Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University in Orange, Ca.